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PORCH CONCERTS “Welcome to Our Neighborhood” Every Sunday we are presenting concerts as well as LIVE streaming for our neighbors/friends in Pittsburgh & beyond. We have found that music is so needed during these difficult times and as artists we have found it so rewarding to share music and in exchange fill the hearts of the listeners 💜

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Previous events

Tania & Jeff Grubbs “Porch Concert” 7-8pm

IM for details

Jeff & I have put together an new set of tune that we will be performing!

Sheddin’ with the Grubbs streamed LIVE from our home in Pittsburgh via Maureen’s Jazz Cellar

Maureen’ Jazz Cellar, VIRTUAL LIVE STREAM FB LIVE via MAUREEN’S Jazz Cellar FB Page

THIS EVENT will stream LIVE from our home in Pittsburgh Via Facebook LIVE! Join Jeff & I for an hour of great tunes we have been cookin’ up with some interesting arrangements, fun facts and conversation. We LOVE Maureen’s Jazz Cellar so much we recorded our NEW CD there! We can’t wait to share some music with you on the 29th 💜🎶

JAZZ TALK FB LIVE @Alternative Venues for Jazz


Join Jeff & I as we have a chat about our currant projects, how we are staying productive during COVID-19 and coming together to uplifts and gather positive energy amongst the music community.

VIRTUAL EVENT: Crises Center North Fundraiser


Jeff & I will be providing some music for this extremely important event, please visit CCN website for online action bidding. Support is greatly appreciated!


Private Virtual Concert


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