TANIA GRUBBS QUINTET/Live at Maureen's Jazz Cellar: Wow, our kind of swinging gal tears it up in tribute to a late friend that was a great friend of jazz. With a crew that knows how to move with her, this set that captures tunes from all quadrants only to make them all her own really hits it out of the park. A true jazz vocal delight, this is one of those sets that you just can't go wrong with. Hot. ” - Chris Spector; Editor and Publisher Midwest Record May 29, 2020


If you’re in need of truly laid-back and mellow music to keep your day going nicely, you’ll find the beautiful “Peace” to be a favorite… Tania’s vocal “pacing” is pure perfection, and the recording of the tune is flawless. I can tell you right now, you haven’t heard jazz vocals this exciting in a long, LONG time.” - Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews-May 28, 2020


“This new CD from the Tania Grubbs Quintet, “Live at Maureen’s Jazz Cellar”, is special on a number of levels. But first, a bit of background. Tania and I met briefly at the Jazz Congress 2020 in New York in January, but we really didn’t have a chance to chat. But Tania followed up with me, wanted to see what I thought of the album. Upon listening, I was immediately struck by several things. The playing is top notch, the repertoire is very interesting (not your typical standards only), and Tania’s vocals are superb – great intonation and expression. I particularly love the fact that they included such diverse tracks as “Bird on a Wire” (Leonard Cohen), “Harvest Moon” (Neil Young), and “Wichita Lineman” (Jimmy Webb) – Grubbs’ arrangements (together with husband Jeff Grubbs), along with pianist David Budway’s execution make the whole project cohesive and musical. I’ve always dug Ron Affif’s stellar guitar playing, and Jeff Grubbs (bass) and James Johnson III hold down the fort rhythmically. Then upon chatting with Tania afterwards, and learning of the significance of Maureen’s Jazz Cellar (Nyack, NY) where this recording took place – Maureen was David Budway’s sister, a strong supporter of the arts, and a talented vocalist herself, who sadly is no longer with us – the whole project just resonated with me. This is superb music making, by a seasoned quintet who play with joy and passion, and honor the memory of their departed sister in jazz”.” - Dr. Brad Stone Producer, programmer and host of “The Creative Source”


Jimmy Rowles’ “The Peacocks” can be a difficult song for singers to interpret since it has wide intervals, but Tania Grubbs sounds effortless, making it all sound easy. She concludes the set with “Autumn” (paying tribute to Fall), “Harvest Moon” (which has a catchy bass line), the wistful “I Remember,” a revival of “Wichita Lineman,” and a bluesy version of “Don’t Take Your Love From Me.” It is obvious, listening to Live At Maureen’s Jazz Cellar that Tania Grubbs deserves to be much better known. Her singing is classy, very musical, and a consistent delight. ” - Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian and author of 11books including The Jazz Singers


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